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LOCATION 15.068 -93.715
DEPTH69 km

The earthquake caused severe shaking across a roughly 400 km stretch the Pacific coast of the Chiapas province of Mexico between Salina Cruz in the north to Tapachula in the south. Estimates suggest that over 500,000 people are likely to have experienced severe shaking that is likely to cause casualties and damage. Many people in the region live in structures that are vulnerable to earthquake shaking.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami warning for countries with coastlines in the region. Sea level readings from tide gauges along the coast of Mexico show that a tsunami was generated. Forecasts predict wave heights of above 3 m along the coast of Mexico, although wave heights may

This part of the Pacific coast of Mexico and Guatemala is seismically active as a result of the convergence of the Cocos and North American tectonic plates. Large and damaging earthquakes have been observed historically and more than 20 earthquakes with magnitudes of 7 or above have been recorded in the area in the last 100 years. A magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck the Oaxaca province of Mexico, immediately to the north of Chiapas in 2012. Similarly, a magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck offshore Guatemala also in 2012. Both resulted in significant damage and a number of casualties. The largest observed earthquake in the region was a magnitude 8.6 in Oaxaca in 1787.

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