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Earthquakes near Newdigate, Surrey, 2018

Installing an additional monitoring station in Surrey New seismic station RUSH mid-way through construction

Between 1st April and 18th July, we have detected ten seismic events in the Newdigate, Surrey area.

On 18th July, the ninth and tenth detected events took place at around 4am and 1.30pm (all times UTC). These had magnitudes of 2.0ML and 2.6ML respectively.

The BGS publishes detected events of the last 50 days at http://earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/earthquakes/recent_uk_events.html

The Newdigate cluster events have ranged from 1.5 to 3.0ML.

To locate earthquakes we use a process a bit like triangulation. Since 12th July we've benefited from two new monitoring stations within 10km of the epicentre. Both these stations are working well and are streaming a high quality of data back to us. This has allowed us to calculate the position of the events after 12th July very accurately and also the depth, which is something we couldn't do for previous events.

For the events of 18th July, the depth is thought to be between 0.5 and 2Km, taking into account calculated uncertainties.

We are aware there is public concern over human activities, a number of which are capable of producing earthquakes. We are not able to say if there is a connection between oil and gas activities, or any other man-made activities, and the events.

Further work may be able to determine if any connection exists. As an independent and impartial provider of geospatial data we hope that our continuing high quality real-time seismic monitoring will produce a comprehensive and open data-set. We will continue to analyse this data as the situation develops allowing us and anyone else to investigate the causal factors of these events.

BGS's seismic monitoring provides an impartial source of earthquake data and calculated earthquake magnitude and location. Data from our stations are viewable on our website- http://www.earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/helicorder/heli.html

The new Surrey station names are RUSH and HORS.

Earthquake locations